Hall of Fame

Celebrating the history of the sport of ultimate


In 2004, thirty-six years after the advent of the sport, The Ultimate Hall of Fame inducted its inaugural class. Each year, a new group of players, contributors, and special merit candidates who have made exceptional contributions to the sport are elected to join the Hall.

Currently, the Hall is an independent entity that works closely with everyone from national and international associations to grassroots projects in neighborhoods across the country and around the world, groups that all share our commitment to the sport and to the remarkable community of people who have played it.

Please explore the website to learn more about our history, our current activities, and our future goals.

Class of 2021

Our most recent slate of inductees were announced on November 1, 2021. The 2021 Class will be officially inducted into the Ultimate Hall of Fame during a ceremony at the 2023 National Championships where we will honor the 2019 through 2023 inductees.

Site updates to nominate candidates coming in late June 2022

To be inducted into the Ultimate Hall of Fame, potential player-candidates complete the following steps:


1 – Individuals, or their sponsors, submit nomination/candidate forms that detail the nominee/candidates’ competitive career that fits within a focused window of time that coincides with their peak playing years; for 2022, that window is 2002 to 2010.  Age eligibility has been changed for 2022 to 42 for Open and 39 for Women’s division player candidates.


2 – Forms are then submitted for peer voting where nominees/candidates are reviewed and ranked by a group of players from their own playing era.


3 – The peer vote rankings, candidate forms, and competitive results are reviewed by the Ultimate Hall of Fame Vetting Committee; a maximum of eight candidates from each player division are selected for that years “slate”. For 2022, contributor candidates will be nominated by the contributor members of the Hall.


4 – The final slate of candidates is then announced with a public request for comment in the Call to the Community.


5 – There are two rounds of voting to select up to four or more inductees from each player division by the full voting committee, composed of eligible player and contributor members of the Ultimate Hall of Fame and the Vetting Committee. An inductee must receive an affirmative vote of at least two-thirds majority (66%) from the voters to be selected and thereafter be inducted into the Ultimate Hall of Fame.


6 – Other improvements for the 2022 Ultimate Hall of Fame selection/election process will be announced in June 2022.