2021 Selection Process

The Ultimate Hall of Fame (HoF) has incorporated incremental process improvements over the years and continues to take the long view on these updates. The Board recognizes that additional revisions can be made and endeavor to evaluate and amend process steps each year.

Please Note: Updates to the Selection Process and all forms and dates for 2022 will be posted in early June 2022.

To review a synopsis of historical adjustments and improvements being announced for the 2021 HoF Selection Process, please review the 2021 Update for the Ultimate Hall of Fame Process Improvement Initiatives.

Additional important information can be found in the 2021 Ultimate HoF Peer Pool Process and the 2021 Hall of Fame Selection Process + Timeline documents.

Player Candidate Eligibility Criteria

Players with a distinguished record of competitive achievement at the highest national and/or international levels in their primary division of play with additional consideration given to integrity, sportsmanship, and character, are eligible to be nominated as candidates in the Player category. Consideration of Hall-worthiness is focused on what the player-candidates did “at their best against the best” in their primary division of play at the highest levels of competition during the peak playing years’ time frame under consideration for the current year’s selection process. For 2021, the peak playing years are 2001 to 2008.

To be inducted into the Ultimate Hall of Fame, potential player-candidates must complete these steps. The first stage involves individuals, or their sponsors, completing nomination/candidate forms that detail the nominee/candidates’ competitive career. Once the nominees/candidates are identified, their competitive histories are shared, reviewed, and ranked by a group of players from their own playing era and from across the regions. These player peer pools also include coaches, regional coordinators, or other activities where the Peer Pool member continues to be connected to the sport at the highest levels and has first-hand knowledge of top tier competitors in the Primary Division of Play during the Peak Playing Years.

The second stage involves winnowing the field down to a slate of candidates through a review of the peer voting results and of written applications solicited by the Ultimate Hall of Fame Vetting Committee, with up to eight candidates from each player division selected for the final slate. For 2021, contributor candidates will be nominated by the contributor members of the Hall and forwarded to the Vetting Committee.

In the third stage, the final slate of candidates is announced to the ultimate community with a public request for comment in the Call to the Community. The final stage involves two rounds of voting to select up to four inductees from each player division by the full voting committee, composed of eligible player and contributor members of the Ultimate Hall of Fame and the Vetting Committee. An inductee must receive an affirmative vote of at least two-thirds majority (66%) from the voters to be selected and thereafter be inducted into the Ultimate Hall of Fame. Please note that the player peer pools are now being updated for 2021.

Contributor Candidates

For 2021, contributor candidates will be nominated by the contributor members of the Hall.

Important Resources

To nominate a player for the Ultimate Hall of Fame or as a member of the Player Peer Pools:

Women’s Division Candidate Forms

Open Division Candidate Forms