Class of 2022

Mike Caldwell

Player Open Division

Mike Caldwell

Hometown: Shoreline, WA

Born: 1976 (Age 47)

Mike Caldwell, known as “MC”, was an influential and infectious leader, strategist, and elite player who had an incredible 17 year run with Seattle Sockeye. Mike was a critical part of the Sockeye teams that made Club Nationals 16 times in his 17 years, winning 3 out of 4 championships from 2004-2007. Delivering his best when it mattered most, MC owned the middle of the field as a cutter, initiating for big yards and then quickly and routinely delivering whatever downfield throw was needed. One of his trademark skillsets was his ability to catch and quickly release a deadly throw before his defender could set up a mark. This combination of skills made MC extremely difficult to cover and contain. He was also a highlight reel of incredible plays, completing 2 Greatests and a goal-line block, among many big moments in Club Nationals finals, to help deliver Sockeye victories.

In addition to excellence on the field, MC made huge contributions to his team’s success. He helped refine Seattle’s flat-stack offense and called the Seattle offensive line subs and plays for almost a decade. He was the heartbeat of the team; an emotional leader and captain for many years who was relied upon to boost the team not only with his play but also with his energy. It was not uncommon for MC, often sporting a sharp mohawk, to deliver a critical play at a critical time and then punctuate it with an emotionally charged and spirited celebration to inspire confidence and lift his team.

Sockeye has long been one of the top, most recognizable teams in ultimate, and Mike Caldwell is a huge reason why. He owned the downfield cutting space, commanded the top defenders of his era, and delivered his best when his best was needed. The story of the great Sockeye teams in the mid 2000’s cannot be written without MC as a central figure. His legacy in Seattle ultimate is unmatched and he has inspired many to follow him; continuing the exceptional tradition of elite ultimate in the Pacific Northwest.