Colorado Springs, CO (September 27, 2022)

The Ultimate Hall of Fame is pleased to announce the slate of candidates selected for consideration for the 2022 Hall of Fame class. This year, ten player-candidates were elevated from the Women’s division, ten player-candidates were elevated from the Open division, and one contributor and two player-candidates were elevated from the Mixed division. One Contributor candidate and two Special Merit candidates were advanced to the next stage of the 2022 Ultimate Hall of Fame selection process.

The Open and Women’s division candidates will be considered for up to ten spots in the Ultimate Hall of Fame, and we are seeking to induct the initial Mixed division Starting Class. Candidate-submitted player histories and briefs on the Contributor and Special Merit candidates are included below.

Women’s Division – LEARN MORE:

●  Chris Cianfrani

●  Cara Crouch

●  Anja Haman

●  Miranda Roth Knowles

●  Eileen Murray

●  Liz “LP” Penny

●  Chelsea Putnam

●  Alex Snyder

●  Vida Towne

●  Alicia White

Open Division – LEARN MORE:

●  Mike Caldwell

●  Sam “C-K” Chatterton-Kirchmeier

●  Jared Inselmann

●  John Hassell

●  Ron Kubalanza

●  Josh “Cricket” Markette

●  Mike Namkung

●  Alex Nord

●  Jon Remucal

●  Bart Watson

Mixed Division – LEARN MORE:

  • Scotty Conway
  • Emily “Smitty” Smith-Wilson
  • Joey Gray (Contributor)

Contributor – LEARN MORE:  

  • Joe Seidler  

Special Merit – LEARN MORE:

  • The MOB
  • Downtown Brown

Any member of the ultimate community who is familiar with these candidates is encouraged to provide input and any comments you would like to be considered by the voting members of the Hall in the Call to Community survey. This feedback, both laudatory and critical, is an important part of the committee’s consideration. We encourage candid participation from all who have personal experience with the candidates. All feedback will be kept strictly confidential and will be available only to the HoF voters as part of their deliberations. 

Congratulations to these Ultimate Hall of Fame (HoF) finalists. It is a high honor to be selected from the respective Open, Women’s division, and Mixed division player Peer Pools. The Contributor candidate was selected from the Contributors Task Force composed of current Contributor members of the Hall. From this final slate of 20 Open and Women’s division player candidates, the current voting members of the Hall will cast their ballots for up to 5 Open division and up to 5 Women’s division players. As detailed in the Hall of Fame Selection Process, the voting members of the Hall participate in 2 rounds of voting to select those individuals to be inducted into the Ultimate Hall of Fame. The Contributor, Mixed division Starting Class, and Special Merit candidates are included in the final ballot with a required yes or no vote. All final ballot player-candidates must achieve at least a 2/3rds majority to be inducted into the Hall.

The goal of the Hall of Fame selection process is to induct those player-candidates who competed at their best against the best in their primary division of play during the 2002 to 2010 peak playing years. For 2022, the Contributor category is recognizing a candidate from the PPY time frame. The Mixed division Starting Class is considering candidates from the initiation of that division in 1998 to 2010. For Special Merit, one candidate aligns with the PPY and one is a Look Back candidate whose significance to the sport was from an earlier era.

The Call to Community survey will close on Monday, October 10, 2022.

Thank you,

Hall of Fame Vetting Committee:

Suzanne Fields, Chair, Vetting Committee

Jeff Cruickshank, Open Division Peer Pool Co-lead

Steve Dugan, Open Division Peer Pool Co-lead

Jim Parinella, Open Division Peer Pool Co-lead

Dominique Fontenette, Women’s Division Peer Pool Co-lead

Katey Forth, Women’s Division Peer Pool Co-lead

Lori Ewald, Women’s Division Peer Pool Co-lead

Pam Kraus, Mixed Division Task Force lead

Robert “Nob” Rauch, Contributor Peer Pool Coordinator

Dave Blau, Vetting Committee member

Chris O’Cleary, Vetting Committee member