Class of 2022


Special Merit

The story of The Masters Of the Bee (MOB) was told by two of the team founders, Jerome Stallings and David Love, in an article published in 2020. In the “Spice of Life”, they shared what so many have experienced through ultimate; how they fell in love with throwing the disc and, through the lessons learned in building a team and competing, gained life-long memories and friends.

The team of 13 athletes, who grew up on the urban playground playing other sports, became determined and committed to beat the best teams in the Northeast region.  Jerome has shared; “the game changed our lives; we learned that we can enter any environment and be successful. Play hard and be good people.”

The MOB:

David Blocker, Rembert Ervin, Kenneth Hofler,

Eugene Jackson, Michael Kidd, David Love,

Ervin Riddick, James Riddick, Jerome Stallings,

Fred Stephenson, Larry Sturdivant, Timothy Taylor, and

Glenn Williams

In Memoriam – Joe Proud