Class of 2022

Downtown Brown

Special Merit

Downtown Brown began as a pickup team of players of color in 1997, and has since evolved and endured as a communal space for players of color to witness, acknowledge, honor, value, celebrate, and elevate each other on and off the field. DTB found its roots on the West Coast as an Open team, then expanded to the Women’s, and then Mixed divisions in the late 2000s. In over two decades of its existence, DTB has connected hundreds of players of color all over the world.

Perhaps best known for the infamous Circle, DTB has made room for players of color to discuss and address subjects such as culture, family, sexual identity, and numerous other topics that have been brought into its sphere. Each iteration of the Circle is unique in its impact and ability to provoke and inspire. By allowing its members to speak and be heard, DTB empowers each other to do the same in all aspects of their lives.

This Special Merit induction includes DTB’s founders and team leaders, but we must also recognize the many others who have continued the legacy of DTB, as well as the hundreds of brown sisters and brothers who contributed to the DTB movement.

Downtown Brown team headshots by Henrik Meng Photography.