The Ultimate Hall of Fame Board of Directors is pleased to announce the kick-off of the 2023 HoF Selection Process. Updated documents and details have been posted on the Selection Process section of the Hall of Fame website.

For 2023, the Vetting Committee includes Women’s division Peer Pool (PP) co-leaders Dom Fontenette (HoF ’18), Katharine Forth (HoF ’21), and Miranda Roth Knowles (HoF ’22). Coordinating the Open PP is Jeff Cruickshank (HoF ‘17 ), Jim Parinella (HoF ’14), and Bart Watson (HoF’22). Leading the Contributors is Jennifer “JD” Donnelly (HoF ’21) and Joe Seidler (HoF’22). Pam Kraus (HoF ’17) leads the Mixed division in collaboration with Emily Smith-Wilson (HoF’22) and Scott Conway (HoF’22). The Vetting Committee is joined by Gwen Ambler (HoF’21), HoF board member, Dave Blau (HoF ’17), and HoF Administrator and committee chair, Suzanne Fields (HoF ‘04). A member of the USAU Board may be named as the USAU board representative to the committee. 

The Peer Pool leaders are currently working to update the respective peer pools for the 2023 campaign and are focused on those who competed at the highest levels of the sport from 2004 to 2012. The updated lists will be posted when available later in July. Another key update to the selection process is that the eligibility age for Hall candidates was lowered to 41 for Open and male-matching Mixed competitors and to 39 for Women’s division and female-matching Mixed competitors.

Check out the Selection Process page on the Ultimate Hall of Fame website for all the Hall of Fame updates and candidate forms. The 2023 UHoF Peer Pool Process and the Hall of Fame Selection Process + Timeline documents provide key information and time-sensitive details; nominations are due May 28, 2023 for player candidates and June 4 for contributor candidates.

We encourage you to read all the posted documents as we’ve made several important updates! Above details and documents will be posted at a later date in the Hall of Fame Resources section of the USAU website.

Please feel free to reach out to Suzanne Fields, the Peer Pool coordinators, or email with any questions.